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Fera - Corpo Senza Carne C50 (MDR064)


Release date: July 29th 2022

There is no body without flesh, no physical presence without its most obvious substance. In a continuous process of revealing what that substance is regarding to its own sound practice, FERA has produced this CORPO SENZA CARNE as a transient audio document about researching new and perhaps more intimate possibilities for a bare, naked, brutally honest and direct sonic expression. After STUPIDAMUTAFORMA’s recollection of ten years of research on melody and texture and after the desperate standstill of CATASTROFE ULTRAVIOLETTA’s broken industrial loops, CORPO SENZA CARNE strips FERA away of synthesizers and recognizable melody in a haze of echoes, broken pedals, distortions and sampling, sculpting a clearer, deeper path into sonic hypnosis and seduction. It is an invitation to lay bare, to listen closer and more carefully to impulses and voices outside of the human, to acceptance.