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Hallelujah! - Hallelujah! C20 tape (MDR009)

5.00 / Sold Out

(Limited edition C20 white tape, hand-stamped red ink, mini insert and download code)

After bringing down the house with their 7” split with Holiday Inn, Maple Death is getting convulsions and stoked to repress on tape Hallelujah’s sold out debut 12” (originally released in 2015 on Depression House). There is no other way to put it, this debut EP rips hard, a true manifesto for Hallelujah’s raw brand of noise punk and r’n’r.

Rising out of the mountains of Trento and Verona, Italy, Hallelujah!’s goal is simple: spread the word of the LORD all around the world and annoy bad people with waves of noise. These 6 tracks are stupid, vulgar, fierce, irritating and feedback laden, no wonder Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Noisey, Cvlt Nation, Yellow Green Red and just about every ‘zine this side of the ocean has started noticing. Think of Brainbombs and Germs mixed with the brattyness of Electric Eels or Homostupids and the low-thud of AmpRep’s best freaks. Enough said!

A weirdo scorcher. Hallelujah! deliver two tracks of total fuzz-drenched pandemonium that reminds me of a slew of aggressive yet still song-oriented bands like Destruction Unit, but a bit heavier and noisier a la Brainbombs or something like that. (Sorry State)
I dropped the needle on this record and it probably looked like a scene for a cartoon. My hair blowing back from the sheer volume. Hell, my entire face being blown to the back of my skull even. Dealing in obnoxious feedback laden, blood splattered assaults, this Verona, Italy combo like to make things super, super loud and really, really ugly! (Smashin’ Transistors)