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Pilia / Novaga / Utley - Spiralis Aurea Trio CS (MDR072)


Stefano Pilia / Alessandra Novaga / Adrien Utley - Spiralis Aurea Trio (MDR072)
cassette/digital out January 19th 2024

Alessandra Novaga / electric guitar
Adrian Utley / electric guitar
Stefano Pilia / electric guitar, modular system

Side A
01 CODEXIII (())
04 Lisbon Story part 1
Side B
05 EVE
07 CRUX for three guitars
08 Lisbon Story part 2

Everything about Stefano Pilia’s spiritual journey always seemed to point directly towards ‘Spiralis Aurea’, his astounding 2022 release for Die Schachtel, a deeply resonating piece of art that intertwines traces of sacred geometry, collective experience and elusive connections between nature and human kind.

‘Spiralis Aurea Trio’ out in January on Maple Death Records, showcases the electric guitar ensemble formed by Stefano Pilia, Alessandra Novaga and Adrian Utley (Portishead) during three live performances in London (Cafe Oto), Lisbon (ZDB) and Rome (Teatro Basilica San Giovanni). An incredible document of sheer beauty and execution, will, force and composure. The original cycle of compositions live and breath, adapted and transformed, taking their initial meaning and depth to new heights, while maintaining the concepts of ‘divine geometry’ and their sacred mystique intact.

Displaying a deep resonance with works by La Monte Young, Arvo Pärt, Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue, Krzysztof Penderecki, and Terry Riley, that have witnessed trajectories of experimental music delving toward the spiritual, divine, and metaphysical, “Spiralis Aurea” culminates as a series of sonic meditations, leaving room within their spacious forms to encourage active listening. Calling up echoes of ancient music within their optimistic, forward thinking tones, Spiralis Aurea sculpts a striking intersection between acoustic and electroacoustic process, drone, and chamber music, harnessing the literal and abstract in search of order and higher meaning within a chaotic and uncertain world.

“'Spiralis Aurea' is a major new work from Italian avant-gardist Stefano Pilia, re-interpreting medieval liturgical music and 20th century Minimalism through unusual concepts and techniques. It’s a stunning piece of work that lands somewhere between Michael Nyman, Mica Levi x Arvo Pärt - and we’re completely floored by it.” - Boomkat

1,2,3,4,8,9 by Olga Matviychuk recorded at ZDB, Lisbon, 24 February 2023 / 5,7 recorded by Pedro Subtil at Suono Grasso #1, Cafe Oto, London, 5 October 2022 / 8 recorded by Rhizome Radio at Portraits, Teatro Basilica San Giovanni, Roma 12 March 2023. Photo by Dimitri Djuric. Master by Ivan Pievicevic. Artwork by Andrea De Franco.