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Stromboli - Stromboli C30 tape (MDR002)

6.00 / Sold Out

* First Press * SOLD OUT yellow tape

Stromboli’s self-titled EP is Maple Death Records’ second release and was mastered by Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique). First press comes as a limited edition yellow-ochre (100 copies) cassette tape, inlay printed on thick Modigliani Neve paper. Second press black tape (50 copies) Photography by Giulia Mazza and design by Emanuela Drei. Mp3 download card is included.


1. waving
2. low radiation
3. endless flow


1. canyons
2. program 2
3. no agitation

You are across the road, staring into a building, it’s dark outside and you can just make out a light shining inside from a distant window. Stromboli’s debut EP is that light: a dense ambient propulsive opera created over the course of two years in Bologna. The man behind Stromboli is inspired by limitations, it’s his area of expertise, his confidence. Balance and composure as a mental state, only hinting at harsh noise, an isolationist toiling over his 4 track tape machine, a lap steel guitar and an ancient analog organ. Describing boundaries and territories through drones, city dwelling rhythms, noise landscapes and elegant melodies, Stromboli defies what is traditionally associated with the ambient genre, by creating a beautiful dark psychedelic rotating world.