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TV Dust - 4EP (MDR062) CS


Another spark, another ecstasy, another blaze… nothing burns brighter than Milan trio TV Dust, another incredible gem from the Italian Underground. Maple Death & My Own Private Records are happy to present ‘4EP’ a double tape collection that includes their first three EPs (originally out on Occult Punk Gang, My Own Private Records and Sentiero Futuro) with the addition of “It’s Clear”, the last chapter in their ever evolving skeletal kraut-punk discography. You get the
whole package, furious hypnotic grooves, shortwave radio alien funk, devo-id convulsions, jittery new wave and Italo post-punk tradition all wrapped in one format. Shift with it or get lost.

TV DUST is a No Wave / Synth Punk trio composed of Luca (Lou) on keyboard and voice, Marco (Tex) Tescari on bass and Sergio (Byron) Tringali on drum. They started in June 2018 rehearsing at Caravan the recording studio of Macao in Milan. In the following month Occult Punk Gang released their first EP called “TV DUST – S/T”. In February 2019 they released their 2nd Ep called "Forget" for My Own Private Records and Occult Punk Gang. In September 2021 they released their 3rd Ep called "Beep" for Sentiero Futuro.