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WOW - Falene CS (MDR043)


Release date: July 27th, 2020

After their highly acclaimed ‘Come La Notte‘ WOW are back with ‘Falene‘ a special limited release. Side A documents their ‘closed doors show’ during lockdown on April 25th at infamous Roma Est venue Fanfulla. Side B is pure magic, two brand new magical cinematic tunes ‘Falene‘ and ‘Partirai‘ and a remix of classic ‘Occhi Di Serpente‘ by Tropicantesimo. Time to start living again.

Recorded by WOW in Roma, Spring 2020. Vocals on ‘Falene’ recorded by Manu Moccia. Mixing support on ‘Partirai’ by Antonio Giannantonio. China, vox and keys; Leo, guitars, keys, vox; Thibault, bass; Pippo, drums; Giallo, sax and keys. Mastered by Mikey Young. Art by WOW, drawing by Raniero Berardinelli.