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WOW - Falene LP (MDR043X)


Release Date: December 10th

“We go round and round in the night and are consumed by fire” *

After their highly acclaimed ‘Come La Notte‘ (2019) WOW are back with ‘Falene‘ a special limited release, a flickering light in the dusk where the comedown is ecstatic, intense and staggering.

In between lockdown the Roma Est quartet played the liberating Meletao festival in the Simbruini Mountains in the middle of a forest. One night a moth (falena) started dancing above the fire attracted by the light and after a few twirls dived into the flames.

Somehow ‘Come La Notte’ anticipated many of the atmospheres and emotions we’d encounter during confinement and isolation; ‘Falene’ instead was born directly from those ashes, ghostly homes, clandestine get-togethers, an old farfisa saved from dust that sparked the initial motif of the album’s title-track, a somber march, a mini-opera that sways gently, sprinkled by the beautiful sax played by Gianlorenzo Nardi and by one of the most intense China performances layed down on tape, foreshadowed by Julie Normal’s Ondes Martenot that graciously elevates the ‘Anticoda’ intro.

Tropicantesimo’s remix of ‘Occhi Di Serpente’ breathes new life into ‘Come La Notte’s classic, elevating the hypnotic and extending the pure tribal force with one of the signature trademarks of the Pescheria crew. ‘Partirai’ sung by Leo Non again is WOW at its purest, escapism to the max encapsulated in a nugget of primitive rock’n’roll and 60s night clubbing. Folks, it’s time to start living again.

* (Latin palindrome used by Guy Debord to title his 1978 movie “In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni”)

WOW is China (vox, guitar), Leo Non (keys, vox, guitar), Thurston Mourad (bass), Pippo Grassi (drums). Guests: Gianlorenzo Nardi (sax), Julie Normal (Ondes Martinot). ‘Occhi Di Serpente’ remix by Hugo Sanchez at Pescheria. Recorded at home and Fanfulla by Leo Non. Vox on ‘Falene’ recorded by Mano Moccia at Nomad Studio. Mixed and mastered by Nene Baratto at Big Snuff Studio in Berlin.